Letter C: Cupcake Cat Toys

This past Christmas, I made my sister presents for her new kitty. This kitty kept stealing the miniature knitted Christmas stocking I had made for my mother a year previously, so I wanted to make the cat something just for her. My sister and our cousin have a thing about cupcake decor, and I found a pattern in one of my books to make stuffed cupcakes. So, when my sister visited me this past June, I took her to a yarn shop so she could pick the colors and yarn she wants to use. Once that was done, I set to work on the cupcakes.

I sent her this shot of one finished and one nearly finished stuffed cupcake as a teaser and to make sure she still liked the look of them. But I wasn't finished with this project. I was going to spice things up with these little toys.

That's right! I put catnip, jingly balls, and crinkly plastic toys inside them! Let me tell you, putting in the catnip was a bit of a challenge, but I managed.

And here are the final products!

I was informed by my sister that while the kitty does play with these once in awhile, she still goes after that stocking. *sigh* Oh well, I tried and the cupcakes are still freaking adorable.


Pat Garcia said…
Reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures of the cupcake toys, I wish now that I had stuck with learning how to knit.
Excellent article and I enjoyed stopping by.
Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge 2015.
Patricia at Everything Must Change
adarhysenthe said…
It's never too late to learn! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment!
Tara Vrsalovich said…
It's okay, I have them as decor and am still in LOVE with them XD
adarhysenthe said…
I can make you more if you want! LOL
Sharon said…
Great blog and post! Enjoying your A to Z Challenge. http://musingsfromacrafter.blogspot.co.uk/

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