Letter A: Anniversary, the Second!

Welcome to the first of my alphabet month challenge posts!

Spousal Unit and I just celebrated our second anniversary at the beginning of February. We did so in our usual fashion: find a museum and a good restaurant and go! (As a note, we're running out of museums to go to.... we went to many while dating.) The destination we chose was the Utah Museum of Fine Art. We got there in the morning on a Saturday and they had a rather interesting exhibit on the use of text in art (collages with newspapers, using words artistically throughout a piece, etc). They even had a typewriter you could use and play around with words that others had already written. It had the standard amount of crass and thoughtful phrases on it.

They also had many masking tape art displays: a mosaic and a ceiling display. Spousal Unit and I did have some issue with a tour. We did not join it, but I heard a tired old assumption about the lack of bathing habits of the Middle Ages (as in, they bathed once a year and women carried flowers to mask the smell at their weddings--Major BS) and I had to actively walk away so I couldn't hear the tour guide anymore. She was a nice lady, don't get me wrong, but the information was wrong.

Afterward, Spousal Unit and I went to try and eat at our favorite place called From Scratch but they no longer serve lunch on Saturdays. We were disappointed, but found a South Asian restaurant (I forget the name), where I tried buffalo meat dumplings and Spousal Unit got to enjoy curry. All in all, we had a lovely day and enjoyed each other's company. I love that man and these past two years have been so very happy. It was our best Anniversary yet, and I hope to share many more with him.

(All my pictures came out poorly, so no shots for the post.)


D Wilson said…
My other half and I do that too - our anniversaries are all around April/May, so we made one nearer my birthday, we celebrate both our graduations, and his job, plus some others.

Looking forward to the rest of your A-Z!
I'm from a shared blog: Alexandria Publishing Group
Maris said…
What a lovely anniversary. Thanks for sharing.
Donna L Martin said…
Hi there!
I’m stopping by during the A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed stopping by and hope you get the chance to check out my blog sometime during this month. I’m a children’s book author and I’m reviewing different books. Good luck with the challenge!
Take care,
Donna L Martin
adarhysenthe said…
Thank you all for the lovely comments! I'll be sure to stop by your blogs and see what you all are up to!

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