Completed Bead Sorting

Sit down, my children. I wish to tell you a story of frustration and perseverance. When I moved to the Now-Not-so-Frozen North (freaking droughts), I had to pack up my every possession into my little car and hope we all made the journey safe and sound. This included my crafting supplies, which were taped up in their drawers and stuffed into my trunk. While the supplies all survived the journey, they did not survive without consequences. My seed bead collection had been safely--or at least I thought they were safe--stowed in a white, plastic box with dividers. I thought the dividers were flush. I was wrong.

In a project that took me three years to complete (obviously I did not work on it constantly--I love my hands and wrists too much for that), I had to sort my seed beads. As you can see above, they had all jumbled together, making good color selection impossible. So I dug out my pliers, got new containers that wouldn't spill into each other, and got to sorting.

Laid end to end, this is my complete seed bead collection for my jewelry making and embellishments.

 It stretches across my whole desk!

Funny thing, you can see my laptop in this shot and that I was Skyping with Rosslyn, as we were both working on projects in our respective crafting studios. Yes, she was wearing a dust mask. Her crafts are more dangerous than mine. I hate getting stuff on my hands and she wouldn't know what to do with herself if she didn't have clay, resin, or some form of paint or ink on her hands at some paint (haha, get it?) every day. (Whatever, that pun was great.)


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