Rania's Sweater

Originally posted 12/31/13:

I've been meaning to experiment more with knitting for my dolls, so when my new doll was complete, I searched through the yarn stash and found just the right yarn.

What this yarn is, I have no idea. It was an unlabeled gift from Camilla. It was also very nice to work with. I selected my pattern based on my doll's personality and got knitting.

The front piece in progress while I check it against Rania to ensure the sizing would be alright.

A bit later we have the yoke and front piece ready and the beginnings of the back piece on the needle.

This was taken a bit later. I completed both the front and the back of the sweater, including the collar.

And here is the front and back connected and steam blocking.

I didn't take any shots of the sleeves in progress, so here is the final blocking shot with the whole sweater put together. A few snaps up the back (which has an opening because dolls have big heads) and the sweater is done!

She really seems to like it, for which I am glad. Here is the link to the pattern I used.


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