First, I updated my Birthday post with pictures. Go check them out!

So last night I caved and joined Ravelry. You can guess my name on there. I spent some time today taking pictures of my yarn stash and decided to share it with you all as well. This is the small amount of yarn that means I won't be purchasing anything new for awhile. Once I deplete it though, no promises. The oldest yarn store in the country is less than a mile from my apartment. No. Promises..

My practice yarn. Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue.

Gift from my mother and sister for Christmas a couple years back. Used some, thinking about using more. Red Heart Super Saver Multi in Bon Bon Print.

Donation from Rosslyn. Lion Brand Lion Suede Prints in Vineyard. Discontinued.

Another donation from Rosslyn. I have plans for this one, just selecting a pattern. I know who is getting it. Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset.

Leftovers from the black armwarmers. Considering making a matching scarf or hat. Schachenmayr nomotta Micro (microfiber) in Black.

Leftovers from a pair of armwarmers I made for Rosslyn. Not sure what to do with this tiny amount left.

Yarn I've had for awhile. Not sure what to do with it. Lion Brand Homepsun in what I guess to be Carribean.

Another donation from Rosslyn. Debating on projects. Also Lion Brand Homespun, in what I guessed to be Earth.

Handspun I bought from an SCA event. The rest are all from the same vendor. Some I have plans for, some I don't, and I'm keeping who for a secret for now.

Let me know what you like! I need ideas for all these yarns! I want to make things!


Redoubt said…
Aahh handspun wool yarn nom nom nom
adarhysenthe said…
I know; it's so beautiful!
Lorraine said…
I need to attempt more crochet myself, but I've only got one neck and only need so many scarves. Need to learn rounds so I can make hats.
adarhysenthe said…
You could try shawls. I could teach you some new stitches.

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