Birthday Update!

This past Monday was my birthday and I rather selfishly kidnapped all of Rosslyn's time that day, from 1pm onward. I spent the morning blissfully sleeping in, then got ready at a steady, unhurried pace. The weather was fine and sunny, and that made me about want to skip around and enjoy my time. I wore my favorite pencil skirt and v-necked teal sweater and man, did I look good in it.

The first place we went to was closed for the season, so I got some nice Landscape shots and then we went to our second choice.

We went to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant, where I believe it is a requirement for hiring to be attractive and male. All the waiters were so handsome and friendly! I tried their meat skewers and had their salad bar buffet. Oh YUM. They even had caramelized grilled pineapple. Heaven! Rosslyn presented me with her present there. The gift was wonderful but what she wrote in the card made me get tears in my eyes: "The best thing is about having other worlds is having someone to go there with you."

Afterward, we waddled to our next stop, a retro toy and candy store and admired all the awesome objects there. The store was called Blickenstaff's and you should really check it out!

Rosslyn's doll Apple was trying on this dollhouse for size.

Now, Rosslyn is Native American. You wouldn't believe how long she and I laughed at this.

Adorable vintage toy car is saving Rosslyn's face.

I loved the rocking horses scattered around the store.


Super Mario candies.

Despite my job at the candy store, I hadn't seen these before. (Of course I'd read about them in the books.)

The Wonka Waterfall is divine. Try that one at least.

They had a ton of improbably stuffed heads you could get. I love the eyes on this one.


Jaws next to....Little Foot?

Gotta have an inflatable solar system!!

I left with some retro candy and a discount off a small amount of bulk candy (it being my birthday and all). The shopping center there was great--so very like many California shopping centers. I miss home though. I wonder when I'll go back there to live again. Never? I hope not. I love it so. I wish it was run better. Le sigh. Afterward, we hung out at her place for an hour or so, and then went to an old college roommate's house for Stitch and Witch. She taught us how to tablet weave! It was awesome. I need to get some cards and then I can begin to make my own trims and follow patterns. So happy!

Two days later, I celebrated (in my mind mostly) my first full year as an endowed member of the church. Funny how much change resulted from that one single decision, to become worthy and obtain my endowment. Now I'm getting back in school, getting out of debt slowly, living far from all my family but thankfully not far from everyone I love. A lot of reflection is going on.

I slipped up a bit this month in spending. I kept track, but I spent more than I should have. I'm not dead broke though, but after my next paycheck I will be for two weeks. Gotta pay my deposit and first and last month's rent for the new place I'm moving into, which might take everything save tithing. Some of my birthday money will be going toward food and gas if I'm left with too little. I'll then use that money for the one gift I was getting myself and all the rest will go to paying off debt and savings (about equally). I really need a savings safety net for car repair and medical emergencies. My tax return will be going half and half for that. I'm debating on which debts to pay off first. My car loan? My hospital bill? Or my school loans. My school loans are being consolidated and put into deferment, however, so maybe not those. They won't be accruing any more interest or be calling me until after I get out of school. I think my hospital bill might be best to start on, as I'm keeping up with my car payment alright. Life will be tight for awhile, but I think I can do it. My school wants to help me get a better job with tuition reimbursement, which will also help.

I might be starting my Etsy business soon, so even if my job doesn't pay tuition reimbursement, my own business can be giving checks which the school will match. It's a nice thought. I'm looking at new work that might give me similar benefits as well. Who knows?

I went on date #2 with the guy I like. He's very interesting. We have some differences which are not necessarily a bad thing, but might become so depending on my attitude and his. I'm not sure. It's too soon to tell.


TV said…
You should tell me what these differences are. What will your etsy business be? Your crochet?
adarhysenthe said…
Doll clothes actually. I'll discuss the other later.

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