My Family's Post-Christmas Visit

After New Year's my mom and my brother visited us for a slightly late Christmas. It was so nice seeing both of them and letting my brother see a white, snowy Christmas.

Of course one of the first things we did with my brother, who stayed at our house while my mom stayed with my sister, was build a snowman! First snowman built since we've bought the house. He got a celery nose because we had no carrots.

Spousal Unit after building it.

My brother Kyle! He's wearing my coat but it looked better on him anyway.

I thought it looked like a cheering sports fan.

This was right before my brother grabbed some snow and threw it at me, lol.

We were snowed in a lot, unfortunately, but we did get to hang out at my sister's and pet her kitty, Leia, who Mom and Kyle missed.

Leia is unimpressed.

A blurry shot of Mom beaming, but every time I went to get a smile shot, it was blurry and then followed by a clear shot of her 'serious' face. Which sucks because she has a beautiful smile and smiles a lot (at least when she's around us)!

Like this one.

Spousal Unit was looking up information for our next spot to go to.

And the last shot of Kyle chilling on his tablet and looking at sports things!


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