Christmas Day 2016

Christmas was on a Sunday this year, so we got up and got ready for church first thing. It was nice to be all pretty but it was still way too early to be up on Christmas Day, heh.

Lookin' sharp!

Couple shot!

It snowed the day before, so we had a beautiful white Christmas.

After pictures, we all promptly got back into pajamas because duh and started opening our stockings and presents! El joined us this year.

My sister's stocking--she had to work so she got this later.

I did some baking, eheh... banana bread!

Rocky road fudge!

And my basic quick fudge that Douglas can't seem to get enough of.

Lunch was our usual crackers, summer sausage, and special cheeses like we do every year. I love it. It makes the day so calm and soothing.

We all passed out and took naps after this.


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