Scripture Study in Writing

Some time ago, during my horrible depressive episode, I realized I wasn't getting much from my scripture studying. I was getting more distressed that I could read and remember nothing from what I read, and that I also would feel apathetic about it. Thus, I decided to try a new tactic to make the scriptures and their stories stick better in my head.

Instead of just reading them, I would write--not type--them out.

I selected a journal I haven't used yet and made it my scripture study journal. This one happened to have a beautiful leather cover, but any empty journal would do.

As you can see, I originally had another intention for this journal, but nothing ever came of that, so I just crossed it out and put in my new intention.

I chose the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon as my starting point and got started.

I'm still writing and only in Chapter Eight, but I will say that this has helped me pay attention to words. Sometimes I still do read and write the words without feeling, but in rereading after writing it, the words do stick so much better. It's slower and perhaps that's what I needed. More time for pondering the words a few verses at a time, not rushing through.


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