My Own Spinning Wheel

A few days ago I received a text from Kit saying she'd found a $75 antique spinning wheel in a shop--they clearly didn't know it was functional or anything about it's true worth. She asked me if I wanted it. I did. Ohhhh I did. But I was good and waited until Spousal Unit came home. I told him about it and the next thing he said was "So, we're buying a spinning wheel." Haha.

So now, here's my beauty.

She has no maker's marks, is in a Nova Scotian style, and seems to be about 200 years old. I have her bobbin taken in with a friend to hopefully make more bobbins, since only having one is absolutely ridiculous for working on her. I'll be shining her up and making her gleam soon, I hope, before I get to learn how she works. I'm going to take good care of her.


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