Weasley Socks

Originally posted 7/1/12:

I finished my second pair of socks (the ones I mentioned I never swatched for), and they are also Harry Potter themed. The pattern is called "Weasley Homestead" and the pattern designer is Erica Lueder, the same author I got the Hermione Everyday Socks pattern from.

This yarn became the following socks.

Here is the first sock with the top, heel, heel turn, gusset already complete. I was much less meticulous in documenting these.

Trying it on just for fun. The fit was good, but I was making these for a friend, so the socks fitting me was not quite the point.

And here's the completed project. During just the gusset and heel turn, these socks managed to have a more consistent color area instead of the random striping the rest of the socks have. I had a great deal of fun watching the orange, brown, and magenta tiger stripes form there.

Overall, I am very proud of these, and the recipient tried them on instantly when I gave them to her. On me, the toe was a little tight. On her, they fit like a glove--er, well, sock. She has smaller sized feet than I, but a similar arch and foot shape, so it worked out great.

I've already begun a third pair, this one for me, and again I did not swatch. They are Tardis socks from Dr. Who, and I cannot wait to have them finished. They are a bit warm for the current weather, but they should do wonderfully in the frozen winters up here. 


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