Knitting Progression Part 2

Originally Posted: 3/25/12

When last we'd left off in the previous post, I'd begun the knitting I'd done for Christmas gifts this past year, so there I shall continue! Mwahahahaha. Any new or current projects will be posted about later, so don't worry!

Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset, a donation from Rosslyn. I knew the minute I saw it that I had to use this yarn for my sister. Knitting finally gave me the opportunity and means to make something wild for her, to suit her fun personality.

I improvised this design for her to match the hat.

The bicycle wheels pattern made this crazy hat!

And the lovely model Christmas day. Bask in her glow! I had too much fun giggling as I made the hat, and then improvised a matching design for the cowl. The button was the most adorable thing and I loved how multi-colored it was, without being too matchy matchy.

Lion Brand Homepsun in what I guess to be Carribean. I received it back in college at BYU from a roommate, before I knew how to do anything with yarn other than to use it to tie packages.

I made this and wasn't sure who to give it to at first, but I ended up giving it to my Grandma Sugars. She loves bright colors and I've seen her in several shades of pink, so it fit her the best. I hope it keeps her warm on what cold days she may have in the sunshine land. 

This slubby yarn is another one of those SCAn Handspun, another Fern Handspun in Burgundy, this time.

I combined it with the remnants from my first beret to create this cowl for my friend Camilla, the former roommate mentioned just above. Don't let the picture fool ya, she wouldn't take it off all day when I gave it to her. All the smiling pictures were really blurry. :D

Evie Handspun in a Red-Orange.

I called this my Sunset cowl. Rosslyn received this early, before Christmas, because it was completed and she was constantly getting sick and needed protection from the cold air.

Yarn Bee Princess in Courtyard.

An in progress shot.

And the completed cowl! I made it for my father for Christmas, but it ended up being more than a little late. He has received it, however, and commented on how loud it was. I told him it went with his new snowy home and all those loud shirts he wears all the time, heh.


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