Dining in SLC

There is this lovely place in SLC called From Scratch. It is very literal with its name, grinding their own flour in their own little mill right there in the restaurant with only local food. I admit I am enamored with their food. I went there for the first time for my husband's and I's first anniversary.

This is called the Charcuterie. It's essentially various cold meats and cheeses with raspberry jam, honey with comb, and a dijon mustard to dip it all in. Keep in mind, everything is from scratch and the honey is made from local bees!

We tried a pizza off their menu and watched them bake it. Gosh it was tasty!

And our dessert. Caramel popcorn with caramel and a kind of cream custard. We shared it and ended up kinda wishing we'd each gotten our own, ha!

And another Charcuterie from a different day. I definitely approve of having more jam.


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