This is not a lecture or story blog post. It's a plea. Given that Christmas is here, I am pleading with my watchers to be patient with me. I decided two things this year: that I was going to make gifts for my family and friends this year, and that I am absolutely insane.

That being said, I have completed my gift for my mother. I have everything but one critical part to start to make my sister's gift and I intend to get this part tonight. My brother...I am not sure yet what to make, having just completed his beanie hat for his birthday (check for it a few posts back--apparently he loves it). Two of my friends have completed gifts waiting for Christmas day or to be shipped so far. Now, I might not be able to make something for everyone on my list, but I'm gonna give it a try. I have one hand-knitted item that has no one specific assigned, but it's nature implies cold weather, so I'm considering who gets it. If it gets cold enough, I might just keep it, but I have yarn that I like better waiting for a similar project for myself...after the holidays.

So I'm ahead of the game with three completed handmade gifts (not all are knitting, I make lots of things). Photos will have to wait until after Christmas, because I am not ruining the surprise.

Other than that, I've been running low on cash a lot lately, what with having health insurance and seeing a doctor every so often, and then buying plane tickets home...Yeah. It'll be fine though. I'm re-evaluating my budget and it will work out.

I've become obsessed with Ravelry, so you know. Looking at all the things I've made with yarn is fascinating, and the free patterns make me giddy. Yeah. Obsessed.


Shadrach Anki said…
Hurrah for making gifts! I feel the whole insanity thing...I always intend to start my Christmas gift knitting early (like...September) but for some reason it always seems to get away from me and I end up staying up crazy-late. Plenty of patience as a result from me. I look forward to seeing your posts when you are able to post, but really, don't stress yourself out more. ::hugs::

And I hear you on the Ravelry obsession. I'm trying to do better at updating, and I want to be sure to photograph more of my knits. Maybe I can bribe my brother....
adarhysenthe said…
I realize now, my post sounded like I was freaking out. I'm not. :D If I don't finish, I don't and they get a gift card or something and the gift can be presented for their birthday or just late. I'm using up my current supply of yarn and beads and other crafty things to make these, so it won't cost me anything.

Bribe your bro! I wanna see more pics!

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