Great Western War 2011

I know I just posted, but I had so much fun at this event I had to post about it! I went to Great Western War this year in my home kingdom of Caid. Just getting there was an adventure. We left the frozen north (it's been thawed for awhile, but after our drive I know it was just lulling us into a false sense of security) in the kingdom of Artemisia at the butt crack of dawn. Our intention was 3am, but it was more like 4am. We immediately stopped and gassed up and then we had to change the windshield wipers. Without knowing how to do so. In the cold, wet, darkness. We numbed our fingers more than once each time. It took us an hour. In the rain.

Finally, after much praying, we got the wipers on and were on the road at around 5am, two hours late, but that's ok. We drove until 9, stopped for breakfast and gas, and Rosslyn, the driver, needed a nap. So we all took one, got some food, and hit the road again. I drove a bit in Nevada, then finally we hit California and went north toward Bakersfield. However, fickle fate was not done with us. An hour from our destination, we stopped for gas for hopefully the last time before we get there...and locked the keys in the car. Long story short, 2 hours later, a kind mechanic had finally gotten the car open (we had been contemplating breaking the window), without damaging the car further. We were on the way, exhausted, and when we arrived, our group helped us set our tent in the dark (lamps and metal tiki torches are good lighting, for reference). We had been in the car for 18 hours, so we went right to bed after that and much thanking of our hosts, the Company of St. Martin.

Our campsite was alongside a lake, which gave us some startlingly beautiful vistas, especially at sunset.

Photo taken by Princess Fancesca von Hesse and used with permission.

Our hostess, Lady Julianna, went fishing, to no success this year, but last year she caught a small catfish. Yes, she and her family had it for dinner.

Lo, it is me, in the bright sunlight! I am wearing my new dress, mostly sewn by the lovely Camilla. I finished the hem while I was there--handsewing--and then wore it to feast night and then around the next day. It was very comfortable. I bought trim and it now needs a rehemming, but that's alright, I have time for it. ^_^ I love it. I am a proper Norman of the Third Crusade in this outfit, which fits my persona. Still, I need a name.

Photo taken by Princess Fancesca von Hesse and used with permission.

The night of our first full day there was our encampment's feast night, so we dressed our best and brought out our period food and dishware. I purchased feast gear for my war purchase, which is pictured later in this post. Rosslyn had been planning a host gift for Sir Arion and Dame Julianna for always being so kind to us and happy to allow us to join them for wars. They are truly among the most amazing people I've ever met in the SCA. Camping with us this year as well was Douglas our old DM (whom we miss terribly), Princess Francesca von Hesse of the Principality of the Mists, Squire Guillaume Du Buisson, Lady Madalena, and Cieran and his lovely lady. Oh, and we cannot forget Wolfgang and Johanne, the sons of Sir Arion and Dame Julianna von Schutzhundheim.

This gift ended up taking all three of us--Rosslyn, Camilla, and I--to complete in a timely manner. The week before war, we went to Color Me Mine and painted an object each. Camilla and I each made a souvenir (before we even went), and Rosslyn drew and began to paint this lovely plate. We each took a turn filling in the lines and then hoping it would turn out well.

Photo taken by Princess Fancesca von Hesse and used with permission.

I think it did. It pictures St. Martin cutting his cloak to give to a beggar. She adjusted a period portrait to show a German landsknecht style--it ended up looking like Sir Arion, actually! Rosslyn had covertly snapped photos of their dishware many months ago to make sure the colors and style would blend with their current period dishes. They were very happy with their gift and we were very happy to be giving it.

 Photo taken by Princess Fancesca von Hesse and used with permission.

That feast night was also a big night for our DM, Douglas. He was--finally--sworn in as a squire to Sir Arion. I was crying in the back where no one could see me because this has been years in the making. I'm so happy for him!

 Merchant Row was large and overwhelming as usual. The few places I've been here in Artemisia don't show much in the way of merchanting or shopping at all. In fact, our tourneys in Caid are bigger than the events and wars I've been to here. Rosslyn and I have decided we're going to get really into our group here and get it really going.

This is our camp Saturday afternoon, enjoying our time just playing music and sewing and relaxing. Many naps were had. I love this place.

I took several classes, one on making period jointed dolls--yes, jointed dolls! The joints are tied together like strings and more hinged then the complicated ball jointed dolls I'm used to. I made one! She's not finished yet, though. More info on that class can be found in my doll blog. I also took a class on knitted hood and mantles, and did some volunteering with the Arts and Sciences. I also talked with True Thomas and he did a performance at our encampment. I can't recall having ever laughed so hard at war. 

This is the goblet I painted at Color Me Mine when Rosslyn made the plate. I think I will gradually make this into a set.

Oh look, my feast gear! I bought it from a lovely vendor who also happened to be a BJD owner! I left all my dolls at home for safety (we were going too far from home for that). And doll gets matching feast gear from the same seller!

I was so happy. There's actually a second mug, a littler one, as well, but it chipped on the way home. More photos on that on my doll blog later, once we fix it. Somehow.

That's my wondrous fun! I can't wait to do something similar soon!


Rosslyn said…
That was so fun. Next- Estrella! Local events before that.
Oh, how I wish I could have been there! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

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