Manly Muffin Why-nots

I did something crazy today. I blame one of my favorite webcomics for it, actually, specifically, this page of it:

The webcomic is Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and is one of the funniest comics I've ever read. It spoofs the most masculine characters in video/computer games and popular culture and is very cleverly written/drawn. And I admit, I adore buff guys. It's all Rosslyn's fault for introducing me to it, but I don't mind. Rosslyn read this page over my shoulder Monday evening and echoed the little girl, saying, "Why not?" In doing so she and the Commander's daughter unwittingly named the project: Manly Muffin Why-nots.

Disclaimer: Please forgive the following photos; they were taken in a dimly lit kitchen at night with an uncooperative camera. Also, please forgive the excessive recipe cheats. I am a poor college student on a very limited budget.

Now, I got a small pack of frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries (blueberries weren't in any packs with strawberries and I don't like them well enough to buy them separately), then a couple bananas, chocolate chips...I cheated and got apple cinnamon instant oatmeal (it counted as the oatmeal in the recipe and saved me some dicing), some carrots (I like snacking on carrots and dip anyway, so that was no stretch to buy), chocolate chips, and a box of Lucky Charms. One other reader had attempted the recipe in their own fashion (Nin) and I followed their advice and diced every ingredient very finely (except the chocolate chips, they were already minis) before adding them in, as well as only adding the Lucky Charms' marshmallows, leaving the crunchy part out. They accurately described the batter as looking as though someone had but a rainbow through a blender.

I based my experiment on this recipe: Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins. Other than the substituted flavors, I followed it exactly, though I did double the recipe. Once I had my batter, I only filled one six-muffin tin at first and put them in the oven. My oven runs hot, so I timed it for 20 minutes and they were nearly done before 11 minutes were up. After that, I kept a close eye on them. It turns out they are perfectly finished at 14 minutes 30 seconds. The doubled recipe makes a perfect 2 dozen muffins. Waiting for them to cool was one of the most frustrating endeavors I've ever experienced. My roommates laughed at me and hovered about a bit as I fanned the muffins, contemplated shoving them in the fridge, and was generally impatient. My roommates were eager to be guinea-pigs and kept staring at them.

Finally they were cool enough to eat! Oh. Man. They were delicious. Oh so delicious.  The roommates also agreed. I am going to make these again and soon. I ate two. One was not enough. They do leave you thirsty though. And I'm so having these for breakfast. I'm leaving three out for the roommates in the morning and the rest are for game night with the guys on Friday. Mwahahahahaha!! I'm saving one for Rosslyn.


Teka said…
This is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for introducing me to the comic!
Marty said…
Do you know, I was wondering whether these muffins would come out at all edible, and whether they'd be any good. Thank you for furthering the cause of Science.
adarhysenthe said…
I'm glad you liked the comic, Teka!

Marty, they are not only edible, but amazing. Next time I'm going a bit heavier on the berries and lighter on the banana and chocolate chip. Those two flavors are over-powering the other flavors entirely.
Ditzite said…
Do the marshmallows retain their yummy slightly crunchy consistency or do they expand and get soft during the baking experience?
Riva said…
1) I usually go by Nin so I did double-take and went "when the hell did I make delicious muffins and why do I not have any right now?" when you said "Nin" had done it.
2) Holy crepes, I am making that next time I get to. Only without Lucky Charms cuz I was never a fan of those. >>
3) God, I love that comic.
adarhysenthe said…
The marshmallows seemed to have dissolved or gone a bit softer, but when I recognized I was eating one, it still had a teensy bit of the texture remaining. I'm going to try keeping them whole the next time.

1) Lol, sorry for the confusion, I only know them by their username on the webcomic's comments.
2) I was tempted to try them with Cap'n Crunch.
3) Me too!
Riva said…
1) Hahah, no, s'cool. I mostly found it amusing. XD
2) ... When I make the muffins, I'm gonna have at least one with Cap'n Crunch. Favorite cereal represent~
Tara Vrsalovich said…
are you gonna send me any? XD

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