Wow, what a party! I had a great time these past few hours. I went to work this morning, came back and was joined by a friend for sewing. She reminded me how to use the machine and I finished a dolly chemise for under my Khorae doll's Red Queen outfit for an Alice in Wonderland doll meet/party. With this new friend and a couple cheats I have in mind, I could finish this very soon. My hands also thank me for no longer needing to do the hand-sewing. Ugh. What a pain. Literally.

After we worked on our various projects a bit, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and we ran to the store for our St. Patrick's Day party! Armed with a recipe and food coloring, I made an Irish dessert (applesauce cake with green glaze icing--it was amazing), and once the corned beef arrived, we made corned beef and cabbage (of course). I played with the recipe and everyone seemed to like it. We had fun dropping food coloring into our beverages (Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and IBC rootbeer and cream soda).

Our DM arranged a scavenger hunt around my house with little green paper feet and clues on the bottom of them, leading to a pot of gold and Toblerone!!! That was great fun, because it was after dark and we were running inside and out shining flashlights and exploring nooks and crannies everywhere. He was sneaky, too, hiding it all while we were watching the movie "9". During dinner we finished a game of 3 Dragon Ante (I didn't win) from last week's D&D game, and tried to help the DM get his baby to sleep (he and his wife had no success and finally the lady wife took the baby home to try and get her to sleep). We put in "Darby O'Gille and the Little People" after that and our group petered out slowly, until I sent the last home a quarter to midnight.

I think the best part were the silly beer mug hats the DM brought us. They are funny, in particular, because none of us drink alcohol or caffeine. We did do a lot of sugar tonight though. That glaze is still lying in my stomach making me feel lethargic and content. Time for bed. I has work in the morning.


Shadrach Anki said…
Sounds like you had loads of fun last night! :hugs:

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