Yesterday was a morning of Constant Interruptions.

I got to work on time and all seemed well. Just before I was about to open the doors, my boss calls. Interruption #1. I was almost late opening the store by the time I got him off the phone. I generally don't mind him calling, but it's hard to open the doors with a phone pressed between your ear and your shoulder and he wants us to open as soon as we come in. Shortly after that, the phone rings. I answer, no one responds. Interruption #2. Repeat this particular interruption every two to three minutes for the next THREE hours.

No, I am not exaggerating. Not one bit. So, about an hour into this I was ready to throw the @%!* phone through the window and over the mall balcony so that it would smash into as many pieces as possible. However, I'm not allowed to simply take the phone off the hook. I got a customer call in there, so I knew some people were calling and getting through to me. By some point I was assuming it was a prank caller and just not answering about half those calls. Finally. Finally, the tech support from corporate calls me.

It was them.

They had been calling all morning to get the data from the weekend off our registers and couldn't get through. So instead of calling me directly after the first fifteen minutes or something, they spent three hours dialing over and over and not getting through. So I spent some time calling my boss and fixing the problem with the modem and crap--all the while they are still calling and not answering. It took me a half hour to fix the problem, mostly because they kept calling and I had to answer the phone.

I went in the back and screamed once, into my purse.


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