I seem to not have much good news lately.

Yesterday was Black Friday, so naturally I was at work at 5:45am to open the store. My boss and his wife showed up to help, and they bought me breakfast and a hot cocoa. I was extremely grateful. The day was going on normally, customers and the lot, when at about 11:15am I started getting cramps. Now, my period had begun a couple hours before, so at first I just thought it was that and that I'd be ok in a couple minutes. Nay nay.

The cramps were suddenly sharp, stabbing pains in my lower abdomen. I got my coworker to take over the register and ran to the bathroom in back and spent the next hour in the worst pain I've ever experienced. I was sobbing for air and shaking so badly I couldn't dial my cell for help for 45 minutes. Finally I got a hold of a friend and my bishop. My friend sent his sister to be with me and the bishop sent his wife to get me to the hospital. I called my boss (and apparently I scared him--he's never heard me like that) and told him I had to go and I'm sorry but I couldn't finish my shift. I clocked out and hobbled outside.

I kinda collapsed into a kneel on the sidewalk to wait for the bishop's wife and a couple came up to me, having seen me collapse.
"Are you ok?"
"No." I gave a weak smile.
"Do you need us to call 911?"
"I've got someone coming t-to pick me up. She's t-taking me to-to the hospital..." Yes, I was stuttering from the shaking.
"Would you like us to wait with you?"
"Please?" I weebled.
They stood by me while I sobbed and gasped in pain until she arrived and the gentleman even helped me walk to the car. I had never seen them before, but I think I'll forever remember their kindness.

The bishop's wife got me to the emergency room and my friend's sister arrived shortly after. I knelt backwards in the chair, because sitting normally and standing were quite out of the question. Once they got me in, I felt better as I was lying down. The bishop arrived and gave me a blessing of healing before he and his wife left, leaving me with my friend's sister. After the typical blood and urine tests, I was told my blood count was normal, but my white cell count was high, so they wanted me to get a CAT scan. Now, I know a few things. One of them is that I have no insurance. Another is that I have no money. The last is that CAT scans are expensive, but what else could I do? I didn't want to return in two days with a ruptured appendix. My friend came and relieved his sister, who went to get my car home for me. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to those two right now.

The end result of it all is that they aren't sure precisely what's wrong with me, but it could be one of two things. Either I have some skin that came off my intestine and it got inflamed, or I had some fat there that wasn't getting enough blood and was therefore dying. Lovely options, aren't they? In either case, they can't really do anything for me other than let the problem run it's course. I'm to do a follow up with an obgyn and a surgeon in a few days, and if other problems arise I'm to go back in.

I feel alright now and was allowed to go home last night. I'm a bit tender and turning corners in cars makes my head swirl. So today I called out at work, spent it sitting at my computer or in bed, reading mostly. Loud noise is bothering me right now, though I think that's more a mood than a result of my problems. My friends are coming over soon to keep me company and baby me some more, not that I mind. ^_~ The bishop called me today and recommended I stay home tomorrow. He said he'd send people over to give me the sacrament and that once I get the bill I should bring it and he'd help me figure out ways to pay it.

I have the best friends and church ever. ^___^


Redoubt said…
Geez, that makes me wonder if I should have gone to the hospital when I had pain like that. Oh well, it's too late for me.

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