This weekend is General Conference for my Church. Twice a year we spend a weekend listening to talks and revelation about our day, and ways we can improve the human condition. We also listen to the beautiful music, done by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I'm a classically trained vocalist, and they never cease to amaze me. I love music. Nothing makes me feel closer to heaven than that.

I missed the Saturday sessions due to work, but they are up on my Church's website, so I'll be viewing them later. I listened to this morning's session and felt inspired. I have so many ideas for service and good works, but most of them have to do with how I want to raise my children when I have them. So! Some brief ideas for that:
  • Ask them every day what they have done for someone else (me or their father).
  • Write these acts of service down and perhaps even make a craft project out of it for the children and I to do every summer.
  • Encourage them to live with responsibility and integrity.
It's a small list, but something. As for things I can do now...Rosslyn, our friend Nicole, and I are cleaning house (for the record, no names I use are the real names of the persons involved). We have a couple hours between sessions, so we made cinnamon rolls (and ate and enjoyed them), and are acting on Nicole's inspiration to clean our public living space. Nicole has this tendency to never sit still and stop doing things. It's amazing. She's here for a little while and suddenly the counters are cleaner, the dishes are no longer in the sink, the floor is swept, and even Rosslyn is putting away her crafts into her studio where they belong.

This is not to say we don't clean. We just tend to do it slowly and over time. Nicole seems to feel she's a burden on us when she stays over unless she helps out in some way. I love her! Suddenly all the issues I have with not having a clean space are gone; it's getting done. Now, my messiness is usually confined to my own room, so that's what I'm up to now as I type this. I feel bad leaving my mess out in public spaces where others can see it. So! Onto cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Neither need to terribly much attention, but if I keep putting it off, nothing gets done.

Our house is the gaming house as we're both gamers, we don't have any parents or siblings living here, and we have lots of room. Other than a curfew for the boys late at night that's in our lease, we don't have any real restrictions on people coming and going. I'm preparing a TROS game, though we usually play D&D. Sometimes we even crack out oWoD or Dark Ages Fae.

I really shouldn't ramble. My first posts are going to be full of exposition anyway, but really. Back to cleaning!


Redoubt said…
Oh how I miss TROS.
adarhysenthe said…
I miss having you in TROS, too.

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