Sigh. Bouncy balls full of glitter and four inches in diameter do not mix well with open bowls and bins of seed beads. At least my carpet is the kind that let's the beads sit on top, not swallow them whole. I'll be spending a few days sorting these beads. I can tell.

As for the last session of conference...I spent a couple talks crying. The urge to improve myself and others is overwhelming. A friend texted me tonight, letting me know how terrible things have been. He tried to play it off and make it sound like he's ok, but I know better. I got him the bishop's number and hopefully the bishop can get him the help he needs.

Tomorrow I have work, then FHE, then choir practice. I need to prepare to sing for next Sunday as well: a song fitting in with the theme of the Atonement. I'd like to do "Oh Divine Redeemer", but I don't have the sheet music, nor accompaniment, and I don't know the song by heart, so I cannot just do it a capella. Perhaps I'll save that one for Christmas? I dunno.


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