I haven't had much of a chance to post lately. Last week I worked every day until late, save Saturday. The night before I drove up to be with my family and, after taking plenty of allergy medicine, I slept on the couch. (I'm allergic to fur, and they have three cats, a mouse, and a dog. Fun times.) The next day, Sister and I went out, got all the family cars washed, then went shopping for dresses for the wedding that night. Sister didn't find a dress, but she did find shoes to match a dress the mother of the groom had given her (the parents of the groom are best friends with our parents and claim us as extra children). I did find a dress from Torrid that surprised me with how good it looked on. I bought a shrug to go over it and cover my shoulders, but I returned that later, as I had one that already fit at home, and worked better with the dress anyway.

That afternoon we went to the wedding and it was lovely. I was pleasantly surprised at what the minister said about marriage and the commitment it is. I love hearing everyone's different perspectives on it, but this wasn't at all different to what I believed in essence. All in all it was beautiful, the bride and groom were amazing in appearance and kindness and finally tied the knot after seven years of being together. I was really happy for them. I liked the bride and the groom and I had grown up together, so we were good and civil with each other (we had little to no interests in coming, except perhaps being devout Christians and loving my dad's cooking).

The appetizers were wonderful, particularly the lamb with dried green grapes on it. Unfortunately, it was a lot of standing in heels, so my feet, almost a week later, still haven't recovered and get sore really fast at work. We all adjourned to the dinner and dancing, and partied our little hearts out.

I went home that night and attended church in the morning, wearing my new dress. It was an "I feel pretty" day, even though only my friends noticed it, but hey, somebody did.

The rest of the week was uneventful. I went to work, went to Institute, made some friends there, though mostly I re-established old ones. I feel old. I've been out of school for awhile and everyone there seems so young....I'm only 24 but a lot of growing happens between 18 and 24...and most everyone there is between 18 and 21. Perhaps I'm just being judgmental. Hard to say.

I'm starting my TROS campaign tonight (hopefully) and my visiting teachers are also coming over. I need to do my own before the month is out. Tomorrow I have a pirate party to go to! Yay!


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