Another long day of work done and I am left to my own devices. Rosslyn and several other friends went to Great Western War this morning, but I couldn't afford to lose the hours to go this year. Two wars I've missed lately! My family will be up there as well. I cannot even day trip it. Ah well. No bardic classes and good practice time for me.

Though, there is the anniversary tourney coming up, and with it the Barony Bardic competition. I could prepare to participate in that. I'm supposed to have a two pieces, one of which has to be about the barony or the baron and baroness. Rosslyn was writing a funny spoof song about one of the wars, asking the leaders to get a certain war back from the Ren-Faeries and people who think war is "just like Burning Man" and they can wear provocative clothing and drink and party all night right next to children. No thank you. If we'd feel ashamed to have our families see it, something's gone wrong. The SCA is supposed to be family friendly.

I still haven't finished sorting the bead mess that bouncey ball made on Sunday. I did get it all out of the carpet (and bags, and laundry basket) that it had showered. I finally got my schedule for Saturday and the next two weeks. I work really late on my brothers' birthday, but I definitely need that long shift, so I can't really complain. I at least get the next day off for a big wedding that, if I don't attend, I'd probably be disowned.

In the meantime...I guess I'm gonna be lonely. I don't really handle living completely alone well, mostly because I spook myself very easily. I don't necessarily have to interact with the other person in the house, but I do need to know that they are there. And right's just me. I have plenty of things to do, some of which are even fun! Just...have to avoid convincing myself that there's a boogey man or something trying to get into my house.

...Maybe I'd better go check all the locks.


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