Twelfth Night 2017

Our annual Twelfth Night was held after my family visited and with a great deal more planning than previous times, so we all didn't have to wait while the cooks did their thing. Instead, it was all ready beforehand! As much as I love cooking with my House, sometimes you're just hungry.

Camilla, fixing her beads.

Spousal Unit, being adorable.

The basbousa I made in my castle mold--I need to use my dragon mold next! The cake is thick and heavy, like a pound cake, with a lemon and rose essence syrup poured over it.

After dinner. We were starving. We had my best pork ever recipe, since it's a very medieval flavor pallet, the basbousa cake, cecina, Martinelli's and juice, lightly sauteed greens, and before the meal there was a cheese and sausage platter with apples to tide over hungry stomachs.

Rosslyn being the lovely host.


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