Tara's Wisdom Teeth Surgery

My sister was finally able to get her wisdom teeth out last weekend! She needed someone to be with her during the surgery and for 24 hours after, so I volunteered.

This was taken just before she was put under.

And this was just barely over a half hour from the first, already awake, lucid, and flipping me off to prove she was cognizant. She was also able to get her surgeon's number in that state. I have no words.

Our weekend was super nice though. I slept in the front room and made her food she could eat (not all of it was successful, but I tried) and most of Saturday was spent arting together: she would design her awesome outfits and paint them, and I was knitting. We listened to gypsy/Romani music and it felt so cool, so like home...

All in all, despite her surgery pains, it was a nice time to spend with just us.


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