Life Can Be Bittersweet

So, this past Saturday, Spousal Unit and I attended our niece's funeral. She was seven years old, nonverbal autistic, and died of an infection that went septic after she defeated her neuroblastoma. Through her cancer fight, many disabled children will now receive the same cancer treatments as non-disabled children do, due to a letter-writing campaign and various other methods her parents fought long and hard for. Congress, and the FDA responded to it and approved the changes.

Her short life has affected so many people for the better. There are so many things I won't forget: her smile, her giggles when you clapped for her, her enjoyment of circles, and her love of dancing around the house with her Bear... none of that will be forgotten.

It's not fair, no, but she's not gone. She will be missed, but we will see her again.

Goodbye Karen.


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