Halloween Parties

I'm a little behind on this due to the craziness that was November, but! I want to catch up. This party was at Rosslyn's parents' home and as usual it was AMAZING!! They really know how to party. Check it out.

The front of the house was fully decked out with the creepy circus theme in the graveyard, with ghosts in the windows and a circus cart on the lawn, smoke billowing... It was so freaking cool.

Rosslyn's mother, a harlequin.

Her cousins, also in the circus theme as fortune tellers (I think, not too sure).


She was an elf ranger.

Rosslyn's father, the vampiric ring master.

Her sister and her husband, a green Martian and an astronaut.

Her cousin's husband as the bearded lady.

Check out the spread!

Getting into character.

Rosslyn's cousin as the tightrope walker (wife of the bearded lady).

Games in the living room.

A Roman centurion.

El as General Revan from the Star Wars EU.

Socks with sandals, very period, oh yeah.

They even hired an awesome magician! It was a great show!

All in all, this was totally great night with wonderful food, friends, and sights. The best parties are thrown by Rosslyn's family, every single time.


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