More Going Through Stuff

This weekend Spousal Unit and I took on the final stages of moving--we went through the electronics pile and the last of his untouched bags of personal affects. It was really hard this time. We didn't know what worked and we both had some instances of "But I always keep things--you never know when you might need them! I've always been low on computer parts; it feels backwards to toss them," and more. Finding recycling centers and being willing to say goodbye to items that have been with you for years... it's not easy. It gets easier with practice, yes, but the first few times are a bit like losing an arm.

I've spoken a lot this year about the good vibes of removing junk and clutter from my life. I can find things easily. I don't have to look around and see piles instead of carpet. I don't look at an object and wonder where it came from or why it was there. Everything I have right now has a purpose and a space it's allowed to occupy. If ever I decide those reasons aren't enough, out the item goes. Not only that, but the emotional weight is lifted.

That being said, I went through my wardrobe Sunday. OUCH. I have a small trash pile of some of my favorite shirts because they have holes in them. Sad day. But then... then. My donate pile. It is humongous. I have so little to wear and the thing is? I've had so little to wear for awhile, just... I could pretend I had more options, or let myself where holey shirts and skirts and pretend I didn't mind or care. But, I do care. So... now I need to update my wardrobe completely. I'm serious, I have one pair of jeans and one pair of slacks. The rest are pajama or yoga pants. I have five shirts. It's abysmal.

So... anyone got any Torrid or Kohl's gift cards to send my way? I need to update and well, I need more pants. Definitely more pants.


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