Finally Handwashing/Blocking

Normally, I don't post things like doing laundry, but after the winter and spring I had, it wasn't until the beginning of August when I finally handwashed and blocked most of my handknits and delicates from winter and new knits.

The return of the socktopus!!

The craft room was quite impressively festooned with knits when I buckled down and spent a whole day scrubbing items by hand in my bathroom sink.

Yep, that's the Moyen Age sweater down there--I didn't block it for nearly a month.

Camilla's cowl is also here from before I added the hood.

I moved a fan into the room and it still took a couple days for everything to dry, so my craftroom smelled like wet wool, but I didn't mind too much. It's much better than wet dog or wet cat, lol.


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