Christmas Ornaments

When you do handmade gifts... it's never too early. I started making these in August and finished before September. These will be sent to family with their Christmas cards and gifts.

I used the Holly Berry yarn I spun first.

A nice, sizeable stack going, with one in progress.

Laying the completed ones at this stage out with the silver bamboo yarn I spun now being used.

I didn't have any handspun yarn left that fit the holiday theme of the star ornaments, but I did have some remnants of sparkly red yarn, so I used that to round out the amount I felt I needed. This is the complete set, though if I need more I can easily knit up another one in an hour or so.

I made this stocking because Leia stole the one I made for my Mom a couple years ago, so this one should be uninteresting to my Mom's cat, and should replace the one she lost. She's also getting one of the stars, of course. ^_^


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