My 31st Birthday

My Birthday this year opened with a lovely surprise on my nightstand.

My beloved husband had set a bouquet of tulips and a chocolate bar there to welcome me awake.

Douglas surprised me with breakfast: Belgian waffles with my favorite cheese on top, gjetost.
(Look it up and try it, it's wonderful.)

My mother and sister had gotten me a present as well, so I tried on the beautiful blouse and sent them a photo so they could see, but today I wore my new pink lace dress. I feel like a pretty princess in it.

A few days ago, I received my present from Andrew, which had been ordered back in February or March (can't remember).

A beautiful, shiny new laptop for gaming on!
My old laptop was slowing down, dying, and couldn't game at all, so I was constantly taking over our main computer to game. This way, the family machine would not be usurped when I was depressed and I wouldn't have to be in a public space when I didn't want to talk.

As soon as I opened it, I handed it to Camilla's Beau, as he is an expert at locking computers down for safety, as well as optimizing them. We added ram and he spent two hours locking this beauty down. I love her. I will name her sometime, but for now, she's practically my favorite thing in the entire house. Spousal Unit wins by a hair, especially since he's the one to provide her.

The next part of my birthday was bowling! My friends and I, plus my sister (also a dear friend), went out to a local place and rented a couple lanes for some fun with no pressure. All in all, Tara, Spousal Unit, Camilla, Technomancer, Douglas, and El were all able to make it. Rosslyn was ill, so she didn't join us for bowling, but we saw her at dinner.

After bowling, we came back to my house and watched the Disney animated Robin Hood because I love it while we waited to go to dinner. At dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant called Carraba's, and we enjoyed our meal. I managed to survive without getting sung to, as well!

Behold, a wild Rosslyn!

I had a beautiful birthday and I have such wonderful, loving friends and family. It taught me so much about happiness and gratitude to have them all come out that day.


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