Twelfth Night 2016

It was our usual Twelfth Night celebration. We do it every year as close to the actual Twelfth Night (Jan 6) as possible because December is usually a mess of events and family, so our group of friends generally just... wait for December to pass. It was also our January house night.

Camilla and the table set for the evening.

Rosslyn at her place at the head of the table, as it was her home.

Chynna joined us!

Our friends Sam and his wife Lela, and Camilla's beau, the Technomancer, were also joining us.

Now you can see Lela.

Spousal Unit!

That night I made a medieval honey cake in a castle mold. It shrunk quite a bit, so next time I will remember to double the recipe for that mold. Be that as it may, it was lovely and very tasty.


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