November House Night

Some time ago, Rosslyn, Camilla, and I decided to make our own household in the SCA. We have yet to officially register it, but we have begun doing monthly house nights. This November it was held at Rosslyn's house. Camilla, Rosslyn, and I all took over the kitchen.

Douglas, Spousal Unit, and Camilla's SO sat at the table for a long while, but eventually we gave them something to do.

The table was so pretty all set for the meal we were making.

The guys in the living room where they had been banished (not really).

They went out and played bacci ball outside while we worked.

I finally handed off my phone to Spousal Unit to take pictures so I could focus on making the pasties.

Rosslyn looked up recipes on her laptop since she couldn't eat gluten--we made special pasties for her and ensured no cross contamination.

Smiles from the cooks!

I made hot apple cider with fresh squeezed local apples.

And the results of our labors! My meat pasties were steak and veggies, and then a pork and apple one. All were delicious!

I classify it as a very successful house knit with new recipes learned!


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