Great Western War 2015

Spousal Unit and I went to Great Western War this year, camping with The Company of St. Martin again, our good friends. You can see our restored tent on the right of the picture below.

Somehow the first sunset of every war is always beautiful and perfect over the lake. We discovered that the geese that had plagued us every year--Christmas and Thanksgiving--had passed on due to coyotes and had ourselves a good cheer. These geese would enter our camps and tents, steal food, and generally be ill-tempered beasts. They aren't missed by me.

The second evening we were there is when most people were at the encampment and almost completely set up. We spent the first days attending classes, wandering Merchant's Row, and volunteering to help the staff. Spousal Unit and I worked the troll at the front gate for a few hours one afternoon.

A special evening at Merchant's Row was spent at my favorite booth: Open Arms Bardic Hall, run by this lovely Lady Belleset and a few other volunteers. She's a wonderful friend, musician, and bard.

That night we heard many performers and this lady bard whose name I have lost had a beautiful voice to go with her fine instrument.

Feast Night was Friday, and despite the heat we all had a lovely dinner together.

It was also our games night.

Sir Aryan doesn't know it, but right after this shot I was about to clean him out of his coins.

On Saturday, our last day, we went out to the field to watch our fighters do battle.

The Company of St. Martin.

Though we had to leave early--the heat was too great and Spousal Unit needed to be back to work on Monday, also, we didn't want to travel on a Sunday if we could help it--I couldn't leave without singing for True Thomas the Storyteller, a true friend and beloved bard in Caid and should be such throughout the Known World. He was lovely, warm and caring as always, and very encouraging. I left war feeling great for having gone.


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