So I Dyed My Hair...

For years I've wanted blue hair. Teal, if I could swing it. I've finally found the courage to just do it! Spousal Unit is rather attached to my dark hair, so we compromised on dying an underlayer, which would also allow me to go to formal events or functions and hide the dye if it would be considered inappropriate. But, after sitting in the chair for literal hours, it's probably good we only did an underlayer! My hair does not want to lose color or take new color.

After nearly four hours, this was as light as we could get it, but after that, we dyed it teal! I was so excited! I flounced around the mall and my house all day!

You can see the color peeking out in this shot.

EDIT: Update in November

Soooo... the teal turns to mint green, heh, so we tried something new afterward so that the color will fade to teal instead of green. 


Oddly enough, I still feel like a fairy princess with this hair. So bright... So beautiful...


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