Painting Our Medieval Tent

So this project has taken us a couple weeks. Over the last winter, our A-frame canvas tent was stored in our shed, which flooded. When we rescued it, it was covered in mold and mildew. After intense scrubbing that did kill the mold and all, it left the tent covered in horrible mold stains. It looked plain awful. I mean BAD. However, the structure and the fabric all seemed to be pretty sturdy, so Spousal Unit and I made the decision to try and save it.

After long consultations with Rosslyn, we took the tent to her place, soaked it overnight in soap water, dragged it outside and scrubbed it even more, then rinsed it, wrung it out, and laid it out to dry. The flooded shed had already ruined the tent's water sealing, so at this point we didn't care anymore.

The tent laid in the hot summer sun for two days, and then the hard work began. We bought acrylic paints and mixed up some white and some green... and got to work. We painted the tent's exterior in white and green stripes, giving the tent a good Viking-style look. This process took us a few days as well, since the tent is rather large. After letting that dry, we  water sealed the tent anew.

It's a bit like having a new tent entirely!

Here it lies basking in the hot summer rays.


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