My Sister Moved Here!! and Landlord Issues

A great deal has happened since last I spoke on the blog. Rest assured, some regular content is coming, I've already started on the backlog of posts. But today I wanted to talk about a few specific things that were really big and were once going to be their own posts, but they make more sense together.

Back at the beginning of August, our landlady sent her son to our door and we got into lease trouble. He showed up two Saturdays in a row before 8 am and yelled at Spousal Unit (I sleep like a rock). My sister was staying with us until she found an apartment, as well as Douglas, who was on the lease and had been living with us for over a year. We were not in violation of any zoning laws. But, all that was apparently in violation of our lease, and the landlady wanted to raise the rent and put my sister and Douglas either out of the place entirely (or us too) or something. It was harrowing.

End result: no one was kicked out but there were multiple anxiety issues and one breakdown. My sister found an apartment and as of this week has moved into it, where she is very happy and can have her kitty soon. Douglas remains happily with us. I specifically requested the landlady's son, now the "property manager" never come to our door before 10 am on a Saturday ever again, which they agreed to. Spousal Unit only gets that one day to sleep in and relax and without it was having trouble relaxing at all ever. Spousal Unit and I... are house hunting. We recently put an offer on a house that was accepted and we're hoping everything goes through! If it does, we'll have our own home for the first time and we are so ready and eager for that.

By the way: Yes, my sister has moved to the Frozen North!! The last couple months with her have been so much fun and I'm so grateful she's here now. I hope this move is a blessing for her. I know her presence has been a blessing to me. Her new place is rather close, so we can visit anytime. We also arranged that we will always do Sunday dinner together as a family.


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