Aithne's Capelet

Rosslyn gave me some yarn awhile back and I still have it, so I decided to knit her something out of it. I also decided to get wild and design my own pattern. In cobweb weight yarn. I'm more than a little insane, I believe.

At first, this was going to be a camisole for her MSD doll Aithne, but as I got past the lace detailing of what was supposed to be the skirt of the camisole, I began to have a problem.

I did not start the split up the back in time for the camisole to fit over the doll's hips. So! I went for the next best thing!

I made the camisole into a capelet! Here is the lovely Aithne to model her new capelet. I learned a lot doing this project. You can follow the whole bit of drama while I was designing and knitting this on the project page on Ravelry!


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