Lan's V-Neck Sweater

As I was working on completing my degree, I was eagerly awaiting my graduation present: Lan, my Souldoll Soulkid Liddell. She had been ordered, so I was now waiting on her arrival. Part of my coping with the months of waiting was to make clothing for her so she would have something to wear. I had no one else to model for her but Rania, even though Rania had a different doll body than Lan.

I found a pattern written in the notes of a project done by one of the people I watch on Ravelry, so I followed it as best I could. My project notes are here.

Up until the collar, I had no trouble with the pattern, and I was able to wing it the rest of the way.

It came out very pretty, I feel, with the sparkly yarn on the hems and collar. I was even able to make it with ample room on the chest for the bustier Lan to wear it.

Here is the finished product on Rania--you can probably tell it's a bit large for her in some places, but it looks great on Lan!


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