Baby Sweater

So, here we are for the first of the new crafting blog posts! Last year, my friend Josiah and his wife had a baby, so I was determined to make something for their boy. This is the first human-size sweater I have ever made, but I was happy to find that my skills learned making doll-size sweaters were a big help.

I made the sweater out of a good, washable cotton blend yarn (I would never make a new mom something for a baby that needed to be hand-washed--that's just cruel). You can find my project page for this sweater here.

It was a raglan style, top-down sweater knit flat, though I was using circulars.

Making the button band was interesting, as I did it as I went. I had to guess and place where I wanted the buttons way ahead of time to do it. Josiah and his wife are very tall people, so I was making a much bigger sweater than any newborn would normally expect.

The body of the sweater was the most tedious part, but that's normal. Rows and rows of stockinette...

But it's for a baby, so it ends eventually! Here's the completed sweater, minus the buttons sewn on.

The sweater, with buttons, blocking. I don't have photos yet of the baby in the sweater, but we'll see. If any turn up, I'll add them to this post.


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