Doll Hoodie

Original post date: 3/11/14

My new MSD size doll has majorly inspired me to knit for her. I found a pattern on ravelry for a hoodie and had to give it a try.

Here I was beginning the kangaroo pocket on the front.

Rosslyn helped me make Rania (my doll) a masking tape sewing dummy and we stuffed it with plastic bags from the grocery store (my way of recycling them). It helped a lot in do the fittings part of this project.

Here I was beginning the collar at 3:30am. I had to teach myself intarsia to add the different color around the collar and hood edge.

You can see the intarsia here on the backside of it, the looping of each color of yarn around each other like a chain going vertically up.

Doing both sides of the collar now.

This was the middle of knitting the hood, which is larger than the body of the sweater in some ways. Dolls have big heads, man.

I weaved in the ends as I went so I wouldn't finish the project and have a ton of ends to weave in...and promptly cry.

Checking the size of the hood.

And it fits!

A good shot of the intarsia work and the first sleeve complete.

Right side out.

Working on the last sleeve. I would separately cast on a sleeve and go for about 12-15 rows, then sew the sleeve on with the very long tail from the cast on.

The completed hoodie now being blocked.

And the completed sweater!

Hood up!

And the view from behind. I hope you enjoyed this look at the process I use!


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