Craft Room Tour

Original post date: 2/25/14

It's high time I gave you all a tour of my working space! I also do my schoolwork in this room.

Starting over in the far corner of the room, my labeled bins, my mending pile, and my medieval flat folded table. Also, you can see my doll bag sitting on some empty bins.

A little further over, though the pictures on the wall have changed. There are now three.

All of these pictures are of Steam Powered Giraffe, my favorite band, and they are also all autographed. I love them!

Turning the corner, there's the filing cabinet, my art and knitting books, my old sketchbooks, and journals and other items I use with my creative thinking. On top of the shelving unit is my doll, Khorae, and a gazebo I made myself for the tiny dolls.

And, here is the desk space! You can see bead sorting in process there and my water mug. There's also my yarn ball winder and the Harry Potter wand Rosslyn made for me.

Here's a more solid shot of my desk. You can also see my fairy collection on top of the hutch.


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