Tardis Dress

Original post date: 2/11/14

This past year, my husband and I decided to do a Doctor Who theme for Halloween. He opted for the tenth doctor...and I had options. I decided to be the eternal companion, the Tardis herself. I grabbed my two best friends, Camilla and Rosslyn, and we got started.

We took a dress of mine and used it for a base. I'll be honest right now and say that the drafting was done by Rosslyn, with assistance from Camilla, and the sewing was done by Camilla. I did the finishing (hemming and adding the eyelet lace) and ironing in between all the steps. In the end, I also managed to make a little fascinator that could light up! I ironed on the notice on the door, but you cannot really see it in the shots below, sorry.

Enjoy the photos!


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