Previously Shown and Now Finished

Originally posted 10/8/13:

I noticed in my previous posts that I do not have the completed versions of several projects up, so enjoy!

Here is the doll rug, completed. It was my first attempt at cabling and to be honest, I failed miserably. I had trouble understanding the chart.

Here are the Hands of Blue arm warmers. They are quite nice and do a good job of keeping my hands warm.

And here we have the completed Tardis socks!

They are quite roomy.

I'll be making another pair of these for my sister for Christmas.

And! As a bonus, for my friend for whom I made the Chevron hat, which you can see below again:

I also made a matching scarf by adapting a dishcloth pattern!

She was cold and made the scarf request. I do not have photos of either of these as completed items, unfortunately. I've been trying to do better, but gifts sometimes make it out the door without pictures.


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