February Lady Set

Originally posted 10/15/13:

So I got this lovely yarn:

Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi in 108. I decided to try my hand at some lace socks first.

I absolutely love them!

I was finally able to follow patterns without messing up. However, I still had a lot of yarn left...

So I decided to make these matching lace cuffs from the Hetty Sunday Cuffs pattern I used in a previous post.

They aren't exactly even in color or size, but they work on my hands just fine and I only had to adjust the pattern a little bit. I widened it. I had noticed in previous attempts that whomever wrote the pattern must have had incredibly narrow hands. I do not.

After these, I still had yarn left....

So this happened. I learned to make an I-cord as well for this. It's probably a bit large for my head, but I don't care. I have lace accessories now!


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