Steam Powered Giraffe Fanbot

Originally posted 4/23/13:

I’ve been inspired to actually post this stuff! Why not! First the actual items obtained so far for the fanbot. She has no name yet. She’s just kind Fanbot1.0 in my head.

I have the riding hat, gloves, and clockwork dial for the external interface of the power core here.
Now the fun stuff. Yes, I did draw this myself. I’m not completely sold on the facial design yet. She does look perpetually perplexed and that amuses me, so I might keep that part (it’s more exaggerated in chibi pics I’ve doodled in my school notes).

She’s mostly ball jointed (supposedly for smoother motion—not always successful) and pistons in the arms and legs. She swivels a lot. I’m debating on her current power source, but her original power source was down by winding her up with a simple key in the back of her upper torso chassis. She is not nearly as advanced as a Walter bot, not being made by Colonel Walter I.
(My note on the far right about the mini outfit shot say, “Outfit needs work blarghle…” and yes, she does wear glasses. Because I do.)


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