Reusing Yarn

Originally posted 10/1/13:

Remember this crochet project?

Well, I came to realize that these armwarmers were far too big for me and quite garish for my usual style. But, I still loved the yarn, so I ripped them back and got to knitting.

This was around when I was moving to cooler climbs and had friends with children about to do the same thing. So, I began a little hat for their tiny daughter.

Here is the completed hat before I gifted it to them.

Still having a lot left, I decided that the acrylic yarn was ideal for dishcloths! This one was made for my own home.

I made these two for a couple little girls for Christmas. I hope they will like them. They are princess crown washcloths. I still have a whole skein left of this yarn. We'll see what I end up making of it. I've somewhat designated this yarn as the "little girl" yarn.


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