Knitting Done in the Meantime

Originally posted 7/12/13:

I never stopped knitting, so here are the large projects I completed. Some of these are for friends and others are for my dolls. The doll knits are going to be focused on the doll blog, but some of their pictures will be here! These are actually only a few of the ones I've completed. I haven't pictures of the others yet.

I made this for my husband with some lovely Green Malabrigo merino worsted yarn.

He chose the color and approved my choice of yarn before I made it. It was February and he did not own  a hat. None at all.

This was a tiny project. I wanted to learn how to cable.

I learned how not to follow a chart instead. This is completed but more pics will be on the doll blog of the finished product.

I made a bunch of tiny doll shrugs as well!

These are the hands of blue project for Nerd Wars. My hands were cold and I had left over yarn from my Tardis sock project, so I made these with it. They are very warm.

These were a cuff pair project. They were completed and given to Camilla, because she was given the socks that match them (same yarn), and they would fit her.

Here is the second half. I wove in the edges, blocked it and then folded the top part over for a picot edge. I then sewed that edge down. This was my first major test in lacework. I'm apparently decent at it.


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