So I've skipped a lot of blogs lately, but much of what has happened to me wasn't worth it's own post. During and after Christmas, I had a terrible flu which I passed on to my husband. Our New Year's was extremely chill as a result. We had a couple friends over, had Martinelli's, played games, and watched Mythbusters to welcome in the new year. I don't even remember what we ate. A couple weeks later, we had our Twelfth Night party, which celebrates the Twelve Days of Christmas. It's always January 6th, but we ended up postponing it a week due to scheduling issues and my sickness.

Twelfth Night was loads of fun. We played more games and caught up with each other. I made aebleskivers, hot apple cider, pork loin with apples, and Camilla made a delicious chicken and veggie pie. Rosslyn grilled cabbage in butter and spices and just overall, we ate way too well that night. No one went home hungry.

During this, my husband also got sick again (or some more, not entirely clear which) and I spent at least one night up very late nursing his awful fever. I even made a 2-3am run to a store to get a fever reducer. It worked, otherwise my poor love would've had to go to urgent care or whatever was open. He lost a lot of work, but is now doing just fine.

I saw an allergist as well and got a set of tests done to determine severity. So much  fun.

This was after they washed the marker off but before the hives reaction had even begun to stop. It confirmed and denied many things I had previously thought. I am trying a nose spray prescription and if that does not work, then allergen immunotherapy is my only remaining option at finding something of a permanent solution. My reactions are sever enough to merit this.

As I recovered from my flu and this party, I developed an infection. It was particularly annoying and happened as a result of the forced stationary movement from that stupid flu. The first round of antibiotics didn't seem to help, so I had to move to a stronger set, which messed around with my digestive system, so I had to monitor what I ate so I wouldn't throw up. I am all recovered now, but it wasn't fun while everything was happening.

So, that is pretty much January! Lots of medical work and sickness, punctuated by schooling and then the absolute delights that are my friends.


Rosslyn said…
That was one of the best New Years Eves I have had in a long, long time.
adarhysenthe said…
Yeah, I enjoyed it, too! I prefer having chill parties.

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