Halloween and Novemberween Party

So, for Halloween we had a few visitors and almost no one to come to our door. Our friends were busy for that whole month, so we planned a Novemberween party instead!

It's not Halloween without a creepy doll in the window with glowing eyes.

Some snacks I saw on Pinterest and tried to success! Banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins.

We were going to carve the weeping angel....and didn't. Don't Blink.


Cobwebs everywhere.

Screaming skulls, too!

Even the parlor became affected...

No reading allowed.

Definitely no vacuuming.

They even got the cauldrons!

Dirt pudding with worms.

Dinner in a pumpkin!

It is baked in a pumpkin and has rice and ground meat with allspice and other seasonings.

Dinner was very tasty and the part was a great deal of fun!


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